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Surfside Christian Retreat Photo Gallery 3 
Fun in the SON ~ Also, featuring FL animals, reptiles and birds!

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P1010011.jpg (422759 bytes) riding28-6-07.jpg (188190 bytes) Gemini8-10-06.jpg (383211 bytes) Capt AndersonCruise8--06.jpg (396524 bytes)
Retreat Store  The "Hole"  Dolphin Ride  Fishing Boat Sightseeing
The Turtles

6pm8-18-06.JPG (419778 bytes)

7pm8-18-06.JPG (426099 bytes) hatching8-18-06.JPG (403536 bytes) loggerhead8-18-06.JPG (473824 bytes) babies8-18-06.JPG (410408 bytes)
119 babies! 6 pm "Boiling" 7 pm "Eruption" Journey begins Baby  Sand trek
almosthere8-18-06.JPG (441695 bytes) atlast8-18-06.JPG (459013 bytes) 2swimming8-18-06.JPG (426524 bytes) roast3-28-07.jpg (267724 bytes) July 4th.jpg (285381 bytes) Nightpraise7-22-07.jpg (251125 bytes)
Almost there At last Swimming free Hot Dog Roast  July 4th 2007 Night Praise
Pix of 2007 Bap3-6-22-07.jpg (79319 bytes) EWTONVILLBEACH6-07.jpg (578384 bytes) Cooks7-8-07.jpg (346200 bytes) Bruce7-8-07.jpg (217987 bytes)

sandcastles7-21-07.jpg (325029 bytes)

Baptism Prayer Time Camp Cooks Bus Driver Sandcastles
alli.JPG (441423 bytes) loggerhead.JPG (468371 bytes) Racoon 1-08.jpg (221161 bytes) Crab Hunt 5-23-08.jpg (310829 bytes) seagullfeed2-08.jpg (414687 bytes) Beach Worship 6-25-08.jpg (273848 bytes)
Mr. Alligator Loggerhead  Mr. Raccoon Crab Hunt Feeding Seagulls Beach Worship
Pix of 2008 Cooks 6-9-08.jpg (156472 bytes) sandcastledone 7-10-08.jpg (513013 bytes) Baptisims 7-18-08.jpg (204246 bytes) Morgan3 7-18-08.jpg (140600 bytes) Testimonies 7-12-08.jpg (231954 bytes)
Lakeside Cooks Sandcastle Baptisms Washed Testimonies
New Life 7-27-08.jpg (427923 bytes) Vic Baptisms 7-31-08.jpg (436924 bytes) Huddle to Witness 2-21-09.jpg (544586 bytes) wrap-up 7-27-08.jpg (585404 bytes) P1010094.JPG (468979 bytes) Rally 030.jpg (2117340 bytes)
New Life 7 Baptisms  Witness Huddle Wrap-Up FL Flamingoes Manatee
Pix of 2009 Rally 055.jpg (2165291 bytes) Lesson 524-09.jpg (346385 bytes) Prayer 6-11-09.JPG (278500 bytes) Beachservice5-24-09.jpg (405129 bytes) Sm Groups 6-9-09.JPG (440891 bytes)
Gators Beach Lesson Prayer Time Sunday Service Small Groups
Wesley Silly 9-26-09.jpg (351031 bytes) Fishin 9-20-09.jpg (210255 bytes) Rogersville QT 7-09.jpg (546668 bytes) Sandy.JPG (484095 bytes) Praying 7-09.jpg (607767 bytes) Vinepoolball 6-13-09.JPG (532724 bytes)
Silly College Kids Fishin' Quiet Time "Sandy" Prayer at Cross Pool Ball
Trinity Quilt 9-12-09.jpg (559369 bytes) Baptisms 8-2-09.jpg (560912 bytes) wp 6-25-09.jpg (313639 bytes) bchsideserv96-09.jpg (583988 bytes) Pool Cards 7-6-2010.jpg (904639 bytes) Bap Boy 6-13-2010.jpg (86953 bytes)
Fellowship Quilt Pool Ball Pool Baptisms Beachside Service Pool UNO Gulf Baptism
Pix of 2010 where'stheoil6-18-2010.jpg (843770 bytes) Bch Bapt 3-18-2010.jpg (648891 bytes) Studying 3-13-2010.jpg (972306 bytes) Pool Soccer 6-2010.jpg (970513 bytes) Watermelon7-18-10.jpg (394665 bytes)
OIL? Where? Spring/New Life Study Time Pool Soccer Watermelon Masks 
relays 6-2010.jpg (946174 bytes) NBC Dancing.jpg (605334 bytes) Bch Fun 3-16-2010.jpg (1044309 bytes) Beach 6-15-2010.jpg (819501 bytes) Beach 7-12-2010.jpg (996926 bytes) NBC Dancing.jpg (605334 bytes)
Relays Celebrating Beach Fun Gulf Time Sunning Party Time
Pix of 2011 Characters 6-8-2011.jpg (586172 bytes) deck.JPG (1097461 bytes) Games7-9-2011.jpg (1063495 bytes) SamuelMissionary.JPG (1034628 bytes) SpiderMan6-8-2011.jpg (524458 bytes)
Character Nite Deck Time Games Missionary Samuel David & Spiderman
worship Turner.JPG (412516 bytes) yc 6-25-2011.jpg (142182 bytes) Memorial 5-30-2011.JPG (1055208 bytes) tropical.JPG (981475 bytes) Riding 5-23-2012.jpg (446253 bytes) Sunset1-2012.JPG (882052 bytes)
Praise Time Little People Memorial Day Tropical Storm Lee Riding High Sunset
Pix of 2012 Polar Plunge January 2012.jpg (1219079 bytes) MS1-16-2012.jpg (800812 bytes) Bait Fish 6-2012.jpg (796480 bytes) Beards 3-13-2012.jpg (423513 bytes) Bill 7-9-2012.jpg (253013 bytes)
Polar Plunge Winter Teaching Bait Fish Beards &  Beards Driver Bill
GroupHug 4-1-2012.jpg (941832 bytes) Palm Sunday 4-1-2012.jpg (846868 bytes) War Hill's Youngest 11-14-2012.JPG (472251 bytes) PepTalk3-13-2012.jpg (594558 bytes) 100_3423.JPG (1188403 bytes) 100_3115.JPG (1331869 bytes)
Group Hug Palm Sunday Youngest Camper Pep Talk Bus Drivers Swim Day
Lined-up 2012.JPG (1312298 bytes) Mt Bethline 6-11-2012.jpg (450215 bytes) Class of 2012 5-23-2012.jpg (482528 bytes) Beachtime1-17-2012.JPG (1325999 bytes)
The WAY Lined-up More Lines Graduating Gals Sun & Fun
Pix of 2013 Poplar 1-20-2013.jpg (598074 bytes) Feb Fun 2013.jpg (523405 bytes) Hail storm2 3-2013.jpg (555771 bytes) Hail 3-2013.jpg (1222009 bytes) college baptized 3-16-2013.jpg (1306567 bytes)
Jan Polar Break Feb Fun Mar Hail Storm Hail on Deck 17 College Baptized
BeachPraise 6-1-2013.jpg (1224730 bytes) Whale of a good time 6-5-2013.jpg (1018702 bytes)
Beach Praise Whale of a Goodtime

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