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Surfside Christian Retreat Photo Gallery ~

We will gladly add your group when you stay with us.  Please feel free to download your photo for yourself or to share with your family and friends.

  (If your group is not here...please send it & we'll post it).


2014  Please click on pix to enlarge~

NAtlanta1.JPG (757859 bytes) Grace BaptLadies 2-8-2014.JPG (424971 bytes) St George Catholic Church Church on the Rock 3-2014.jpg (88496 bytes) Ch on the Rock Christ HarborUMC4-26-14.JPG (1142644 bytes)
Atlanta, GA Crawfordville, FL Birmingham, AL Texarkana, TX Texarkana, TX Northport, AL
LexCenPoint 5-25-2014.jpg (692044 bytes) Mt Zion Bapt 6-1-2014.jpg (607194 bytes) Mt Zion Bapt 6-5-2014.jpg (487930 bytes) Pathway Church
Lexington, AL Alexandria, AL Alexandria, AL Mobile, AL

2013  Please click on pix to enlarge~ 

N Atlanta Ch of Christ 1-21-2013.jpg (536799 bytes) Prattvill Ch 0f Christ 2-2-2013.jpg (601202 bytes) Grace Ladies 2-23-2013.jpg (679325 bytes) ChontheRock3-12-2013.jpg (622370 bytes) college baptized 3-16-2013.jpg (1306567 bytes) Pilgrims Rest 3-25-2013.jpg (92864 bytes)
Atlanta, GA Prattville, AL Crawfordville, FL Texarkana, TX Texarkana, TX Baker, FL
Oliva 1-21-2013.jpg (168514 bytes) Ashley 2-2-2013.jpg (178453 bytes) Bea 2-23-2013.jpg (296688 bytes) Kelly Jo 3-12-2013.jpg (168278 bytes) Lacie 3-16-3013.jpg (162766 bytes) Lauren 3-25-2013.jpg (318105 bytes)
Olivia Ashley Bea Kelly Lacie Lauren
FBC-Benton 4-5-2013.jpg (964045 bytes) N Atlanta Church of Christ 5-26-2013.jpg (733759 bytes) Mt Zion 6-3-2013.jpg (1066310 bytes) Eddyville 6-6-2013.jpg (273961 bytes) Vineyard Baptisms 6-9-2013.jpg (536945 bytes) ReddingtonNewHope 6-14-2013.jpg (741456 bytes)
Benton, KY Atlanta, GA Alexandria, AL Eddyville, KY Kenner, LA Seymour, IN
Raquel 5-27-2013.jpg (165934 bytes) Cassidy 6-2-2013.jpg (176767 bytes) Nathan 6-6-2013.jpg (369152 bytes) Joseph 6-9-2013.jpg (243157 bytes) Alex 6-16-2013.jpg (267567 bytes)
Raquel Cassidy Nathan Joseph Alex
Cedar.jpg (404215 bytes) First Presbyterian 6-23-2013.jpg (499071 bytes) FBC Decatur 6-27-2013.jpg (769544 bytes) HaydenUMC7-1-2013.jpg (724879 bytes) RogersvilleUMC 7-6-2013.jpg (950775 bytes) Hinds 7-12-2013.jpg (744816 bytes)
FL & GA Chattanooga,TN Decatur, GA Warrior, AL Rogersville, AL Raymond, MS
Savana 6-20-2013.jpg (231284 bytes) Natalie 6-23-2013.jpg (134944 bytes) Destiny6-27-2013.jpg (252446 bytes) Katie6-30-2013.jpg (181224 bytes) Kristin 7-6-2013.jpg (203846 bytes) Winner 7-11-2013.jpg (190743 bytes)
Savannah Natalie Destiny Katie Kristin Winner

Unashamed 7-13-2013.jpg (44080 bytes)

Oak Hill 7-18-2013.jpg (533165 bytes) Smyrna 7-22-2013.jpg (713722 bytes) FBC Fisherville 7-25-2013.jpg (954113 bytes) Cornerstone 7-28-2013.jpg (757900 bytes) FBC-New Roads 8-1-2013.jpg (672544 bytes)
White Plains,KY Williamson, GA Smyrna, GA Eads, TN Anniston, AL New Roads, LA
Bree 7-14-2013.jpg (267438 bytes) Addwinner7-14-2013.jpg (251666 bytes) Samantha 7-21-13.jpg (266351 bytes) Mason 7-25-2013.jpg (323431 bytes) Chris 7-28-2013.jpg (244872 bytes) Racheal 8-1-2013.jpg (277751 bytes)
Bree Mary Samantha Mason Chris Rachael
CrosspointCC 8-4-2013.jpg (670550 bytes) Union Baptist 8-8-2013.jpg (1648819 bytes) Calvary 8-10-2013.jpg (767899 bytes) New Hope 8-17-2013.jpg (1036871 bytes) Chi Alpha Wesley Foundation 9-28-2013.JPG (759556 bytes)
Peachtree, GA Knoxville, TN Clio, AL Bartlett, TN Columbus, GA Valdosta. GA
Pastor Brian 7-29-2013.jpg (296172 bytes) Taylor 8-8-2013.jpg (311825 bytes) Trent 8-10-2013.jpg (209807 bytes) Cody 8-17-2013.jpg (229256 bytes) Chalisa 9-21-2013.JPG (301168 bytes)
Pastor Brian Taylor Trent Cody Chalisa
Ch at Warhill 10-13-2013.JPG (654476 bytes) Hispanic 7th Day Adventist E Gadsden Baptist.jpg (42507 bytes) St Mary/St George Coptic  Church at Shelby Crossings
Dawsonville, GA Panama City, FL Gadsden, AL Tallahassee. FL Calera, AL
Jacob 10-12-2013.JPG (221840 bytes) Allison 11-10-2013.JPG (268624 bytes) Mirah 12-30-2013.JPG (239309 bytes)
Jacob Allison Mirah



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